Winpower's goal is to provide consumers with the best shopping experience, the best quality products, the best after-sales service and some uniquely designed autopart. We always give consumers the most suitable price, but sometimes we will adjust the price to keep the product in the best selling state and the best competitive state. If our price adjustment affects the consumer's shopping experience, we are willing to give a certain amount of compensation.


Price Match Guarantee:


If you find that the current price of the product is lower than the price at the time of purchase within 14 days after shopping on, you can provide us with order information such as the order number or email address, and we will conduct a quick check. If it meets our price match guidelines and limitations, we will refund the difference within 3 working days.


Guidelines and Limitations:


(1) The product must be ordered by The products you have ordered from other webiste, we will decline the request.

(2) The product price you provide must be valid at the time of submission. If Winpower cannot verify that the current price is lower than the price you bought before, we may decline the request.

(3) The product must be the same including brand name, size, weight, color, quantity and model.

(4) Price matching will consider all transportation costs. If it is free shipping, the cost is 0.




(1) Commodities that participate in clearance sale, new arrival sale, hot deal and large-scale holiday promotions and are discounted at % or $ off.

(2) Commodities purchased by specific groups such as the elderly, military and internal employees with specific discounts.

(3) Commodities beyond the 14-day price guarantee period.

(4) Due to changes in labor costs and logistics costs, etc., in principle, we will not refund if the price fluctuates within $5. Your consideration will be highly appreciated.

14 Days Price Guarantee
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