How To Remove Headlight Tinting

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Tinting your vehicle headlights may not seem like a terrible idea in terms of style and automotive décor until you find it difficult to see the road at night owing to poor light output from your car headlights. If this is one of the reasons you wish to remove your automobile headlight tint, experts recommend doing it in a shop to avoid damaging your headlights.

Why get a headlight tint removal

Once the warranty period has expired, the headlight tint must be replaced (or if the car was used in adverse weather conditions). Perhaps you don't like the color and wish to alter it. It is strongly advised that you have the tint removed by a professional to protect your headlights from harm.

A headlight tint is a protective thin coating composed of ceramic or other materials that is put over the headlights. Additionally, fog lights coated with a yellow coating might boost visibility. Headlight tinting is not to be confused with "smoking," which is the act of painting or spraying a headlight to change its color and look.

DIY: Headlight tint removal

Things you need include:

  • A bottle of oops (6.99)
  • Sandpaper (1000k, 1500k, 2000k, and 3000k) (5.49)
  • Microfiber towels
  • Wax
  • Automotive tape
  • Water

You have to do this in a ventilated area.

  • Open the hood and mask off surrounding areas, so you don’t accidentally knick the paint with the sandpaper.
  • The best way to work is in sections. Spray some oops on a little area, let it sit for about 5-10 seconds, and begin rubbing off.
  • With the microfiber towel, rub the sprayed area (don’t let the spray sit for too long, just enough to let it soak)
  • Please be aware not to have any dripping down on your paint. It would be best to have an extra towel to catch anything from dripping and cardboard to block any overspray from hitting anything else on the car.
  • Start sanding, starting with the 800 grit sandpaper. Sand for about 20 minutes until everywhere is evenly sanded.
  • Dry with a towel to see areas you should go over and then the next size. Repeat until you are at 3000k grit.
  • Please be aware that when you sand off the layer of the headlight, you are removing a UV protective layer. The best method is to use a coat of automotive clear over the headlight (but would require removing the headlight).


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